Wedding photo booth rental, how to get best of it?

A wedding photo booth rental process and decision making consist of several steps, photo booth dxb will try to open the topic in a series of articles.

Wedding photo booth rentaldo it yourself wedding photo booth probes

There are some important factors and should be considered in order to have a good quality wedding photo booth.

As a matter of fact, photo booth concept has no deference with general photography rules. They have a common base of technical point of view, but according to the nature of the wedding photo booth, like fixed point shooting, fixed backdrop or background, photos will look all same. But practically, the level of energy and happiness in group photography will cause more realistic expressions and joyful moments in front of camera. If you add funny side of using props to final outcome, by converting the whole scene into a real hilarious poses and figures. I will Breaking down the matter to few important topics and will discuss about each one in different articles, to fit the discussion into few minutes reading. Wedding photo booth rental is a process which you need to know about all the details before you plan to order or book it.

  • How to choose photo booth props
  • Wedding photo booth template
  • Lighting condition of the photo booth spot
  • Backdrops, Green screen, printed, curtains or nothing?
  • Proper print size for wedding photo booth
  • Kids are in the house
  • Best way for wedding photos to be delivered?
  • Outlaws

– How to choose photo booth props:

Believe it or not, no photo booth session can be successful without probs. Probs will change the level of quality and appearance of your photo booth pictures. depending on the culture of the guests and nationality, props can be different. In general, wedding probs, should have some touches to Groom, and Bride names , icons, Love words, best wishes, and words like “Mr.” “Ms.”, “Still Available” ,…

Wedding photo booth rental
Wedding photo booth rental

the most critical point about probs, is their color. If you are using Green Screen for backdrop, it is essential to avoid same color tone of green screen or Blue screen in chosen probs.In that case the prob will reflect the backdrop color or design and will ruin the picture. Props are available to buy, or some kind of cheap toys are good enough for wedding photo booth. But it is not all you might want to consider for your wedding party. Yes, DIY wedding photo booth props. wedding Photo booth props ideas are very interesting. you can find too many of designs varying with season, or location, .. etc. Best place to find wedding photo booth props ideas and DIY photo booth is Pinterest


Wedding photo booth can be successor of wedding photography?

Who can really say, “I won’t hire photographer for wedding of my son?”. But there are many people couraged to hire wedding photo booth instead of wedding photographer. In this article we will open up con and pros of wedding photo booth rental.


wedding photo booth

Wedding photo booth vs. wedding photography

Nowadays wedding photo booth business is growing enormously comparing to regular photography branches. Wedding photobooth probably is most favorite among young couples to add into their wedding ceremony checklist. Birthday photo booths are in second place in the row.

The question is too general to answer, but obviously, there are many advantages and disadvantage. To hire wedding photo booth and on the other side only hiring regular photography service, which one?

It is acceptable without any second thoughts that every wedding should capture in a classic approach by the photographer.  And not by a wedding photo booth, since it is cheap. All steps are expected to be filmed or photographed and kept in safe and sound place.
These photos are even more important than wedding process itself.

In some cases, marriage duration won’t exceeded more than 5-6 years. But everyone expects to have photos of such an event for hundred years and talk about it. If we forget the funny side of this story, the truth is that people believe in photos.That believe based on several different reasons.

One idea is to show the happiness and historic moment in two families life and their future. New ties between two families will make new windows in life. It should be reflected for now and for future in some way, in photographs. Is it possible to order a wedding photo booth and it will take over all responsibility?
Some people need to show the luxury, wealth, and some people needs to show how happy they are.

Here is the diffraction point of ideas about the question, does wedding photo booth can be placed on a regular photography or not? The answer to this question is a question. Depends on your expectation of a wedding photography?

In communities that expats are the majority of a population, like Dubai city, as we live here, demand for regular photography is less than original homeland of inhabitants fro some reasons.

First, expats rarely intending to arrange big ceremonies due to far away families, traveling issues or friends are not too many to attend, and last and most important thing it is expensive.
So in this situation, bride and groom can close their eyes to  a classic photography,

Those factors will affect the whole dissension making process for a wedding party.
By listing Wedding Photo Booth advantages we can distinguish following highlights:

  • it is cheap and can produce hard copy same time in the party
  • We can share photos online on Facebook.
  • Long distant families and friends can watch almost online what is happening in my wedding
  • It is all fun with props, and crazy friends with lots of laughter, and jokes.
  • Really cheap price wise, if you compare with photographer and printed photos after one month.

But, if someone needs elegant photos for a wedding Album, always a good photographer can accompany wedding photo booth to cover a luxurious face of the wedding, and his job is not too heavy, and the price will be more reasonable.

Finally, There are many couples that prefer to book for both services.  Very classic photography service and photo booth service for at the same time.